OUR International College (OIC) Thiruvananthapuram 

OUR International College (OIC)  offers the exclusive and never before opportunity to experience the internationally  tested  and  acclaimed programmes. 
OIC is dedicated to bring world class  education in to Thiruvananthapuram.  It offers state of the art  Management  Education  by making use of the experience gained through conducting similar kind of programmes for more than a decade in the overseas centres, especially in the Middle East Region.

The MBA offered by OIC offers twin certification
MBA has certification of M.G.University & any of the renowned foreign University out of choices offered.

Project Study @ International Cities
In addition, OEG offers a wonderful opportunity to carry out the Project Study as part of the curriculum in International cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait Citi etc. This will help the students both in getting exposed to the global market as well as to enhance them to blossom their inherent skills. It will also help them to find out  a right placement in any of the cities in the future.

MBA  ( Finance - HR - Marketing )
BCom with Computer Application
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Dr.Jyothish Kumar
Managing Director

The education of an individual human begins at birth and continues throughout life. As a medical doctor, I should say that education begins even before. It was noted since the Veda Period and modern science had proved it with ample evidence later on.Education is a continuous process giving an enlightened experience. We feel immensely happy and proud of being part of the education process since 1953. The legacy of Our Educational Group is quite phenomenal and inspiring.