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    BSc IT
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Why OEG ?
OUR Educational Group (OEG) was established in 1953 in India. The legacy of OEG is quite phenomenal and inspiring. OEG is focusing on research, development and training in the field of education.
OEG Programmes in the Middle East

Programmes offered by OUR Educational Group are much sought and recognised one in the Middle East Region. OEG Programmes are tailor made to meet the international standards, which is very much essential for the job market in the region having a cosmopolitan presence.

People working in this part of the world have the opportunity to interact with professionals of high calibre and repute hailing from different parts of the world. In addition, modern and novel methods and new techniques are always introduced and updated in this part of the world.

So its not that easier to get along with the pace here unless one is trained properly and there lies the relevance of OEG Programmes. OEG student community represent all walks of life representing various countries.

Group Concerns in the UAE
        Dhafir Institute for Management and Science. Abu Dhabi, UAE.
        Medcare International for Training and Placement. Abu Dhabi, UAE.
        OUR International Educational Foundation. Dubai, UAE.
        Global Educational Consultancy. Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Associate Centres in Middle East